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No Stone Unturned

Don’t hurt kids. And don’t be awful.

No Stone Unturned (NSU) is a church whose members share a common belief that children should not be physically or psychologically abused.

We welcome members of all faiths, including members of no faith.

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Join us on Facebook to follow our ministries (projects), most of which currently involve efforts to end institutional child abuse and extrajudicial child and teen incarcerations.

NSU was founded in May, 2021.


Within each of us, there exists a rudiment of goodness that is called moral faith.

When we choose to cultivate, rather than suppress, the nugget of kindness that we were born with, we can perpetually aspire to give humbly of ourselves to others who are in need, without expectation of reciprocity or gratitude. This is called intrinsic altruism.

We believe in intrinsic altruism. And we believe that children should not be abused.

No Stone Unturned (NSU) is headquartered in Madison, WI.

NSU welcomes members of all faiths, including members of no faith.

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